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Friday, October 1st, 2010
1:32 pm
Decisions Decisions Decisions ....
Reach another point in live that I need to make some important decisions. These decisions will change my path ahead drastically. Its gonna be a change that will be pretty bold, and can be dangerous. But I am thinking, I might really need to make this turn. Been stagnant for way too long. and I have this feeling that if I don't move now. I might not get another chance a few more years later.

This change that I am deciding to make is not really towards a brighter and smoother road. It might be a much tougher change, but it might offer me more options. And, staying on this same flaming road and jumping onto another one might not change much. Well at least I might see a possible clearer future on the new road.

hmmm....... but ... I think I still need to think about it a bit more.

Current Mood: contemplative
Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
12:55 pm
I finally got my Diploma ... 15 Years Late !!
Yap.. I finally got it !!! My diploma. I am now at least a Diploma Graduate. I am pretty happy about it.

This diploma is came 15 years late. But I am still feeling good getting it. hehhe.... I know its not much but this is still a step up for me. Now I can go forward and plan to see if I can get a Degree !!! I will continue to get better !!! hehehe...

Current Mood: happy
Friday, December 4th, 2009
11:39 pm
Its me again on RazorTV selling DJ Products!!!
wahahhaa.. I really really talk a lot of crap.. hahhaa... but I think its not to bad ba.. ahaha....

Twice the came to interview me about the products we carry in the shop... haha... not to bad...

Monday, November 23rd, 2009
12:45 am
ME on RazorTV !!!!
hahaha.... I was interviewed by RazorTV at my shop last week!!! They actually wanted to interview me regarding our Home Theater Shop one... they find the concept behind the shop very innovative... but too bad due to company's change in business Direction, we gonna end it soon. So I advice against doing it. They then say they still wanna interview me on products that are innovative in our shop. They find the DJ Mouse we are selling interesting. So they interview me on that... hahhaa... I wish I talk better during the interview.. hahah....

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
1:34 pm
Mics and Techniques
Now that I am starting to prepare myself for the final Project, its a good time to revised and study a little bit more on microphones. They are very important components during the recording stage. I would want to record in the best sounding tacks so I can have an easier time during mixing stage.

I am currently doing some research on the varies models from Shure and Sennheiser. Might do some research on Audio-Technica mics too.

I will also have to revised on Miking and recording techniques.

Seems to be running out of time. Need to buck up a bit.

Current Mood: good
Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
3:59 pm
Its Getting Interesting!!!!
The Audio class is getting a lot more interesting as we are slowing pairing up with the song writers for the final project. I was like almost the first "engineers" that they approach. And it was like a "rushing approach" somemore... a bit shock for me.... but anyway that is for the final project, there will be a another module that require us to record a band. This module we will team up with one classmate and work together. I have group up with Jalil. I have also ask Alfe for his help. Thinking of maybe we can record AlterEgo, will see if they are willing.

Later will have to head down to the school studio to work on a bit... touch up a bit maybe, for the mixing project that is due tomorrow.

The past Sunday I was involved in helping out at a old folks home. Was there to do a performance for them to celebrate The Mid-Autumn Festival. Yanni approached me to help out and in turn rope in Rod and Yimin. Yanni's friend , Chyi Yun, was also there to help. And so the 5 of us form a performances group to sing for the old folks. for the first time I played the guitar! haha... Rod playing the lead and I just play along with him. I believe the both of us playing in the same band helps... haha... Anyway I enjoy myself, and was happy that I can help to get the sound system for them. Its also a good learning experience for me. I am happy also that we were able to bring some joy in the form of music to the elderly . Maybe this group can do more performances like this.

Current Mood: peaceful
Tuesday, September 8th, 2009
2:11 pm
I will fight for what I want!!!
Recently I was a little slack in my studies.... Can't seems to find a grip and sort of drift off a bit.... But I need to pull myself back and start putting more concentration on my Dip module classes. I think Should be not a problem. I was a bit thrown off by my reservist and some work matters. haha...and also a couple more "sideshow" stuffs that lurk away my concentration. So just get back on track... its gonna be an exciting few months to the end of my Dip.

Recently I also got a bit of inspiration in writing songs. I actually write to song melodies. The second I wrote I like better. I have let Rod listen to it and he mention he like the bridge of the song. Last Sunday at our Band Practice, we actually try out the song and everyone seem ok with the song. We recorded a raw band version of the song with guitar strumming, Power Chords and Bass. I will try to complete the song and maybe... we can play it on our next gig.

Rayson Send me his wedding Song too. I think its very nice. Can see he put in effort in writing it. Its been a while since I hear his songs, and its really great to know he have a good one for his wedding!

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, August 13th, 2009
10:59 am
Nice Surprise
Yesterday at class we got back our results for the Recording techniques module. I actually did pretty ok. That was a nice feeling. But still I need to do more studying. If I really want to go into this field, my knowledge is still very shallow. Still need to do more in-depth studies and learn more. But some of my classmates are did not do that well and are starting to fumble. One failed the theory exam for the module and have to go for a retake. another 2 didn't got through the Golden Ear Training Exam the last module, went for a re-test, but only one got through. Meaning one of my classmate will have to retake the module next year in order to get the cert for the dip. He is trying to arrange with the school to see if there is another solution. If not Its gonna feel sucky. I felt bad for him. I used to be always in that situation, the one that fails exams and all. So I know how that feels like. I hope I can endure through the whole dip and I hope I won't fail any of my module.

I believe I will not do that well for my midi module, but hope can get a pass.

Current Mood: okay
Friday, August 7th, 2009
5:05 pm
I think I did ok for my 2 exams this week. That was a relieve to me as I actually did not study much for them. Must put more effort next module liao. My audio dip class are going well. This is actually the first time after like more than 10 years, that I have felt confident in my studies... hahaha.... I used to be such a damn stupid student!!! hahaha...

Current Mood: cranky
Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
5:13 pm
I really don't like saying this too much... but some how they keep finding ways to piss me off!!! Who are they?....Indians!! Really not trying to be racist, cos I am not. But some of them are really irritating!!!! Sometimes I believe they are just doing stupid things to piss people off. Some really act like they are totally don't use their brains at all... really!

The ones I am talking about works in Sim Lim. They have their own shop. In fact, they have a few shops and is running a pretty good business. But they can still act like they don't have common sense at all!!! I have told them so many times not to put their banners in front of our video projection and showed them where to put it. But everyday they forgot about the things I told them. So I used the normal way of "teaching the dog to shit at the right spot" method, everyday I will moved their banners to the right place to put. But still they never learn?!?!?!.... they keep on placing it in front of the projection!!! One time my colleague got pissed of and went over to their show and told them off and again teached them where they should put their banners. they hear my collegur out with a blank blurr faces. Guess what?... Don't have to guess at all!!! The next day again they place it in front of the projection!!!! sigh....

With indians acting like that its hard not to complain about them. I know there are those that are not like that at all... they are very well educated, I am ok with them.I got some friends that are indians and they don't behave this way at all. But really... some U just can't reach.

Current Mood: angry
Monday, June 29th, 2009
4:24 pm
Some just don't get it.... And hear what they want to hear
I realised most people only believe what they want to believe. Most will jump to conclusion on what they think. Many stubbornly believe that their thinking is always right and any think else are all wrong. Many hear only what they want to hear and jump to conlusion. Some will even twist the words they hear into what they want to hear, or maybe think they heard.

I know many people like that. I, at times, are like that too. But I am trying to see things in multiple angles as I believe that might be other possibilities to one situation. Sometimes I even get branded for something that I am not, just because they twisted what I have said into the meaning they wanted to believe I said. hmmm.

I used like to confront these people and tell them off, now I am a lot mellow. I will try to let it be. Cos some people just don't worth the time and afford. And some are just not gonna hear what U want them to know. And some are just too naive to understand.

I believe that I have some close friend that knows me well enough to know what kind of person I am. Some of these close friend will know what I meant without me explaining.

I think its a bit deep. but I just want to vexed it out.

Current Mood: indifferent
Sunday, May 10th, 2009
10:45 pm
Good Start!!!!! BUt still long way to go!!!!
I think I did pretty well for my exams the first 2 modules. Should be quite ok result.... MY written exams I have good vibes about it as I know most of the answers. My practical exam I did pretty well... was given a high score of 95... WOOOOO>...!!!! that should be a good score!!! so I am happy... its just feel great when U have a good start to things!!!! so onward with my diploma!!! tomorrow will be a new class... looking forward to it.

Current Mood: bouncy
Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
12:33 pm
Bad Services Restaurants Awards - Tori-Tama and Boon Tong Kee (Balestier)
And since I am in this mood right now, I really like to talk about the 2 restaurants that have giving me very bad impression recently.

The first one is a japanese restaurant located Robertson Walk. Its a yakitori style restaurant. Very classy and cosy designed. I am very impressed with the outlook. But its quite expensive to dine there. I mean, its not for those that enjoy jap food from food courts or even Sakae Sushi. This place is high class. just image, Water with ice is serve at $5. and water alone is $2. But that's ok. I mean I can understand the place is stylish and up market, so being pricey is understandable. The food the are just not too bad too, but not the best I have eaten here in Singapore, but still ok.

What Really turns me off is the way they treat non-Japanese customers. We seems to be their last priority! We ordered 2 yakitori sets, and they took nearly 45mins to serve us our first stick!! The 2nd serving only can 45mins later!!! and that's after we ask what happen to our orders! Their reply ," Still preparing". We can see that the japanese beside our table that ordered later than us have already been served. and japanese that came much later than us eating away but our orders are not even served!!

I believed that they have overlook and forgotten our orders. I like to believe that is the case as its really too much if they are really serving the non-japanese first. Once me ask about our orders, they start serving everything. But they totally forgotten to serve us the soup that comes with the sets. We have finished our sets and ask about our soup that they realised they have not serve us. They then say "have to wait 10mins, Can you wait?" They did not even apologized for their mistake. To me that is very bas service.

The restaurant is so stylish and high class, but the services there are really bad. I have a very bad experience dining there and services there really turns me off. Maybe its just my personal thought about the place. And the name of the restaruant, TORI-TAMA. This is the worst japanese restaruant I have been to in regards to service. I will probably not go back there again under normal situation.

The other restaurant is Boon Tong Kee. The famous chicken rice. I really love the chicken rice there. But sometimes the waitress there are a pain in the ass. They will try to push you to try their specialty dishes, most of the time that are expensive too. In most cases when I dine there I can just order what I wanted to order. But last Friday was different. I went over to their Balestier Brunch for dinner with my parents. There was a queue and we waited for our table for around 10mins, so its not too bad. Once we gotten our table, they pass us their Menus to look at. Then this middle age lady came to our table to take our order.From the uniform she is wearing I think she is a supervisor level there.

Anyway she came over to our table and ask if we ordered. We told her we have not and place our order. She then say its Labour day and they have special dishes for the occasion, and recommended one fish hotpot, one vegetable dish and a small dish of chicken. We heard her out and then I started to oder what we waited to order, but she did not take down my order. She mention about the the special set that she have selected for use one more time and insist we try it. I have my doubts but my dad say to give it a try. That is fine. but I try to order their special fried tofu, she say we already a lot for 3 person and agian didn't want to take my order!!! I was getting pissed... but thought maybe the dishes a really a lot, so I didn't insist. Then came to order drinks. I order a green tea, my parents opt for some of their self-brewed herbal tea. She say that the herbal tea come in a jug. I told her we know. She then say in that case the green tea don't order!! I was really pissed and insist that I want my green tea. She gave an reluctant expression and took my order.

When the dishes came, the hotpot was pretty big, but the other 2 were not that big a dish. They then serve the jug of herbal tea with 3 glass for us. I was waiting for my green tea to come, but it never did. I even check the order form that was on our table. it indicated 1 green tea ordered. But my green tea did not come. I was damn pissed off by now. Then when I ate the fish from the hotpot, the were not fresh !!! She recommended a dish that is not fresh! half way through the meal, she can back to the table and ask how was the food. I told her the fish is not fresh. She keep saying its the best quality. I told her so what. Its NOT FRESH! she didn't even say sorry. Then I told her she can CANCEAL my green tea since they not gonna serve. She then brush it off and say she never order for me. I told her its on the order form and pointed out to her. She looked and it and calmly canceal it and say no she did not order for me since its a big jug of herbal tea that we have!! That is so ridicules!!! I was so pissed that I have forgotten to take down her name. Lucky for her. But she really have very bad service. Wonder how can she become a supervisor????

during the dinner I over heard the table next to us also complain that their orrder dish of chicken was not serve, and they have already finished their dinner! Very bad service at Boon Tong Kee Balestier!!! I still love their chicken there. But I strongly advice not to take their recommandation and INSIST what U want.

So ... the 2 restaurants that won the BAD SERVICE RESTAURANT AWARD are TORI-TAMA and Boon Tong Kee (Balestier)!!!

just my point of view...
11:37 am
Negative stuffs
When something went wrong under your charge, and after analyzing the situation, you realised that you are at fault for not doing this right, what would you do? Do you apologised for your oversight of things ? Would you think of some other possible reasons to cover up your mistakes? Would you find someone to blame for it? Or would U try to act like nothing is wrong and insist that things are just like that and cannot be helped?

Well I realised that alot of people will try to push blame on to someone or something else. They will try to find excuses to avoid being blame for their mistakes. And actually most of us do that. And not many will even say sorry. Some will even not admit its their mistakes when the truth is already known! They will just say "don't know why its like that. I did everything correct."

I don't know.... is it that hard just to say sorry sometimes?
Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
6:23 am
That shitty feeling........
Well, every now and then I get this really shitty feel. Just felt so demoralize and hopeless at the same time. The kind of feeling U get when U are not at the winning end. Ya... that feeling sucks ... sucks big big time... I just hate it.... but sometimes its not what can be controlled. When shit comes, they just come right in uninvited. They can sometimes stay for a bloody long time... and when they do leave, they leave behind a foul stench that just linger on. Don't like it, but I have to learn to deal with it and try to get rid of them. So are so hard to get rid of.

I guess sometime we gotta stop, take a big step back and look at the bigger picture, before proceeding again. some kind of check to align what every we are doing back in the right direction. I think this is important so as not to comment to many mistakes that can hurt us. Too bad not all can go that. So are blind even if they have perfect eyesight. sad. and if they are in charge or running the show, well, that can be disastrous. Somebody can get hurt. Maybe a lot of people will get hurt. sigh...

Well I guess when we get hurt we learn, and we try not to get hurt again.

no matter what, the show must go on.

Current Mood: disappointed
Monday, April 27th, 2009
3:20 pm
Superstars Everywhere
Recently, many bands I know are recording out their albums. My Lecturer from school is gonna record for his band's 3rd album. A couple of others recording their debut. And some released their debut recently and now doing promo gigs and all. That sound exciting. I actually wish we could too. Not so much of the promo gig thing but I like the idea of having our own cd. We actually should have enough songs for an album, if not an EP. haha.. see how ba...

Well, at least we are planning for a gig this year. So I guess I wouldn't feel so band.
Saturday, April 25th, 2009
1:47 am
Something's Brewing Again...
New thoughts .. New Vision... New ideas..... will these adds up to a better tomorrow??.... I really really hope so..... gotta keep on going and craft a better solution!!!! This time, its a lot more better, feels like on the right track.....smiles

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
2:30 pm
Class Class and more class
It's been a few weeks in to my course already. To be exact, this is the 6th weeks already. The class experience have been a bit nostalgic. I have not been in just study environment for a damn long many years! I have to put in a bit of effort to adjust and adapted to it. Week by week the instructor loaded us with information. quite a bit of chapters to learn and absorbed in such short time. Did I mention that the module exams is in 2 weeks time? Yes it is. This 2 classes I am taking now is both 8 weeks module duration. This meant that the 8th week is the exam week! I find this rather taxing for me. I believe I can get through the class no problem, just need to spend a bit more time with my notes and handouts. STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!! Gotta WOrk on IT!!!!!

My classmates are all made up of young boys!!! haha.... initially I was afraid I might not gel in with them since got such age gap between us. But I guess its still ok ba. We got along pretty well. Most of them a jokers!!! they like to make jokes and all.. U know.,.. like young boys!!! haha.... but its pretty fun to be in class with them. Well I am a bit of a joker myself so ... ok lah... haha...

I am really liking my course.... I think that is good... smiles.....

Current Mood: bouncy
Thursday, March 26th, 2009
8:46 pm
New Classmates, New thoughts and feelings.
Second week have passed for since I started my Dip course. I get to know more about my classmates. Its just a very small class of 8 + 2. The 2 additional ones are there just for one of the module only. I realised that most of my classmates are rather committed. They really one to be in the music industries. What I mean is that I see them with visions of what they wanted. One of the guy, with I mention earlier that will only be taking one module, is going to study in Berklee to study Music Production. He is basically here to have a head start and learn the fundamental stuffs. He is already a musician in his own rights. Another of my classmates already plan to go overseas further pursuit the path of music after this dip. Another is singing in a band that plays in a rather famous nightspot. He is also a keyboard/piano instructor in another studio/school.

After finding out all these, I get a kind of mixed feelings. I felt a little depressing as most of them seems very far ahead of me and seems to already know what they want in life. I hate this feeling as it makes me feel that I am not making any progress even though I have been playing music for about 12 years. felt like I have not done enough. a bit frustrated with that actually. At the same time I am also more motivated my my classmate. we might not be of the same level but we are of some what like minded in our direction. and that felt good. This feeling can keep me on the edge, keep me alert, to keep improving myself. I might me a lot older than them, but I will make it. I know I will try.

Current Mood: determined
Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
10:54 pm
Back To School.....
Class has started. Suddenly I am a full time student again... Kinda weird feeling, but I guess its ok. I have never really like classroom environment studying. Don't really know why. But this time round its myself that really wanted to take this course. Its something that I like to learn. So I guess its different.

In the first lesson I realised its not gonna be as easy at I think it would be. A lot more theories I need to learn and know. I guess I need to study hard. My class is a all guys class... DAMN.... haha... and again... I am the oldest. All my other classmates are very young. They listen to the heavier stuff. When ask, I am the only one that say I like pop rock. haha.... but to think about it I like a lot of other music. I like some metal too.. haha... but The kids listen to a lot more current metal music. haha... I think I will need to try harder to blend in...Need to start listening to newer bands ba.... All my classmate plays in a band of some sort. great!

Well from now on... this one year time I will be very busy ba.... Monday Wednesday class, Friday bass lesson, Saturday vocal lesson, Sunday Jam......woooooooooooo... busy busy busy....
Hmmm.... maybe I will try to change my bass lesson to Sat evening. then I can have one more rest day... haha....

Current Mood: busy
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